Nuvilla was founded to create a "High Tech, High Touch" full service residential real estate company. In today's real estate market, the internet can provide consumers the ability to search for homes, research information about local communities and get advice online. In addition, the internet has also allowed companies to create tools to maximize the productivity of real estate agents. Nuvilla has utilized both these fundamental innovations to create a real estate company for the twenty first century.

A real estate agent is the face of the company in any real estate transaction, Nuvilla understands that the true power of the company would be its ability to support their agents by doing the following:

The Nuvilla Advantage:

  • Utilize the power of the internet to provide agents a steady flow of leads
  • Utilize technology to provide an integrated back-end transaction management system to reduce the mass amounts of phone calls and paperwork
  • Recruit and support agents that offer consumers regional or transaction specific "niche" expertise

In achieving these goals, Nuvilla believes we are fusing the interpersonal skills innate in all successful real estate agents with the technology shift happening in the industry to provide the consumer with real estate professionals who have the tools and local knowledge necessary to complete real estate transactions with a "High Tech, High Touch" approach.

If you are an investor who believes with the fundamental concepts outlined above and are either interested in investing on the corporate level or as a future franchisee, please contact Cleve Shirleyat 619.822.4000 or contact us via email today.



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